Our unique mobile-first digital fundraising & engagement platform does something that others do not and that's why its development has been supported by Innovate UK - part of the UK government. Its first pilots are being supported by DEFRA, the Environment Agency and the Rivers Trusts.


We have a simple vision of the future:

  • charity supporters are directly & emotionally connected to the projects they support through a digital platform
  • consumers can see exactly where 100% of their charitable giving ends up & what it achieves
  • brand support for charities is both clear to consumers and part of their day to day lives
  • explicit business giving to charities generates additional giving from the public

Our platform enables this direct, three-way connection between consumers, brands & charity projects.

How it works

We join retail consumers or corporate employees directly with river improvement projects in a lasting relationship. The projects are clear about what they will improve in your local area. They're clear about what you get & how much it's going to cost. They also provide regular updates on progress.


  • Provides a new way to browse charity projects & engage
  • Brand support & sponsorship clear to charity supporters
  • Easy to see the status of every project
  • Supporting a charity project is only a click away
  • Real time communication between charity supporters and field workers on the platforms they normally use
  • Mobile web platform to target our primary audience of progressive shoppers at home or the point of sale
  • Bright clean look & feel to engage people easily
  • Fully scalable using latest cloud web & data services
  • Moderation of communication content to ensure safety
  • Easy to measure benefits for all concerned

You know where the money goes

100% of the on-pack voucher value & 100% of any donations you choose to make will go directly to the delivery project - guaranteed with no catches. We do this with the help of sponsoring brands, who cover overhead costs like running the platform & paying card processing charges.

Keep in touch


You'll get regular updates from projects, who'll share their highs and lows as they prepare for and then deliver improvements to your river & local environment.


Supported by the organisations who sponsor our projects, we're enabling those of you who donate extra to have a direct conversation with the projects you're supporting.

More detail...

Downstreams has a vision of rivers that are loved & supported by their local communities - a vision where the environment is in an excellent state & resilient communities are prepared to handle challenges like flooding. To achieve this, we’re on a mission to explain to local people the problems that rivers have & the solutions that help to improve situations.

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