We're a group of social innovators who have over 50 years combined experience in environmental, community & digital organisations. We understand catchment management, we understand how to motivate people about environmental issues and we understand how to use the best available technology to explain complex concepts & to engage communities.

Paula nickson

Paula is passionate about finding solutions to the challenges that society, business and the environment face. She specialises in unlocking potential in business public, corporate, and charity sectors by:

  • stimulating and enabling innovation

  • creating circumstances and opportunities for powerful collaborations

  • making best value of people, organisations, their assets and their aspirations


Simon blends innovative digital technologies, community development & social enterprise together to form new products & services.

A serial social entrepreneur, Simon also has over 20 years experience in designing at the leading edge of technology.

Simon also brings strong expertise & understanding in sustainability & environmental issues.

Ant Parsons


Ant loves to deliver business and sustainability innovation for a range of clients. He helps discover new solutions to problems and to make them a reality. He has a strong background in:

  • operational delivery
  • innovation and creative leadership
  • business development
  • people, project and programme management
  • facilitation to deliver great outcomes