so what's this catchment thing?

Our work considers improvement to the natural environment over whole river catchments, while showing how individual issues & projects fit into that context.

When the rainfall hits the hills, it naturally flows downhill into the base of the valleys, forming brooks, streams & then rivers. The rivers flow down the slope of the valleys, seeking the easiest possible route downhill to the sea. The catchment is the whole area that catches water for a particular river system.

So, if you're wanting to explore the causes of river pollution or flooding, it's often necessary to look upstream. Rivers in towns & villages flood because there is more water in them than can be handled by their shape at that point. One of the solutions is to work elsewhere in the catchment - further up the river - to keep some of that water out of the river for a while, perhaps until the river has receded a bit. Similarly, water pollution often enters the river in small amounts, but this builds up as the river goes down the valley. It's necessary to look at lots of small amounts of pollution before they combine...


We explain complex scientific & geographic concepts in terms everyone can understand. We help people to be more aware of their local river and the issues (and pleasures) that arise from it.

And... we help to create change - by building relationships between people who want to make change & concerned individuals/businesses in their local community.


We recognise that a river needs supporters right down its length - that litter or pollution dropped in upstream affects communities downstream. That people are connected by their river. With our platform we're engaging local businesses & communities with the projects that improve the river - across its length. We're also helping those businesses to engage their customers & employees in the support that they provide for the river - getting more people involved in positive change & showing that they care. See here for more information...